Additional Materials:

Several Pieces of American Crafts 12" x 12" Glitter Gold Cardstock, A Couple of Pieces of Nicole Crafts 12" x 12" Cardstock in Primary Red Burgundy and/or Cherry Tomato, Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board, Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

Let your creativity blossom this holiday season by turning a blank wall into a garden of paper poinsettias.

Create your own, snap a few pictures, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Print and cut out the project template. Use it to trace the leaves onto Red-colored cardstocks and then cut the leaves out.
  • 2
    Using a scoring board, make a line down the center of each petal from the straight edge to an inch before the tip of petal. Fold the leaves on the lines.
  • 3
    Make a 7??" paper circle for the base. Working largest to smallest lay the first set of petals with the bottom (straight edge side) at the center, with each petal evenly spaced. Use quick dry glue to attach the petals to the base.
  • 4
    Attach the medium petals the same way, in between each of the largest petals. And then repeat for the small petals.
  • 5
    Punch out a 1"?? circle in Glitter Gold cardstock and glue it to the center.