8 Materials Needed:

Paper Mache Pumkin, Floral Bushes, Floral Picks, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Glue-All, Hot Glue, Water

About this Project

Put down the knife, and pick up a paintbrush! Spice up this year's pumpkin decorating with these tips for painting and adding flowers.

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  • 1
    Fall floral: Cut stems off flower heads to allow for arrangement to sit flush to the pumpkin. Trim outer layer of petals as needed to allow flowers to fit onto pumpkin. Glue flowers to an ebroidery hoop to create a base for the pumpkin to sit in rather than gluing flowers directly onto the pumpkin. You can change this out if desired.
  • 2
    Painted floral: Paint the base of the paper mache pumpkin white with either acrylic or multi-surface paint. Add flowers in multiple colors by painting them on small, repeating the pattern throughout the pumpkin. This keeps the design visible regardless of which way the pumpkin is facing.
  • 3
    Keep color scheme similar among your pumpkins. This will allow for a more cohesive look.
  • 4
    Add metallics in unexpected ways. Paint the stem of the pumpkin with a metallic paint, or add metallic wire to a floral arrangement.