3 Materials Needed:

A Fabric Palette Burlap Print or Fabric of Your Choice & A Piece of the 18" x 24" Fabric Palette Natural Burlap (or if you want a more rustic feel and look to your Placemat use Coffee Sacks instead of Burlap), 1" Button in a Coordinating Color Nicole Crafts 5 ply Natural Jute 254 foot & Dritz Liquid Stitch 4 oz., Iron Nicole Crafts Dual Temperature Trigger Glue Gun Surebonder All Purpose Stik Glue Sticks Ruler & Scissors

About this Project

You'’ve probably seen a lot of creative burlap DIYs. From home décor to accessories to furniture even, the earthy, rustic look of burlap is definitely attention grabbing. Since burlap is becoming more and more popular, we thought we'’d share this fun, no fuss DIY burlap placemat with you. They'’re perfect for the outside, but also stylish enough for the inside.

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    Step A: For the outside fabric: Cut a 14" x 18”" piece of printed burlap and turn face down. Fold 1”" along the longer sides and press with iron. For the inside fabric: Cut a 12" x 18”" piece of natural burlap. Fold ½”" along the longer sides and press with iron.
    Step B: Line up both pieces so that their back sides meet. Center the inside fabric on top of the outside fabric so that there is ½"” of printed burlap showing at the top and bottom.
    Step C: Follow the Liquid Stitch instructions when attaching both layers. Apply along the ½"” folded under at the top and bottom edges of inside fabric. Also apply along the right side of placemat to attach. Leave the left side of placemat unattached.
    Step D: Use an embroidery needle to create fringe on left and right sides of placemat. Trim if needed.
  • 2
    Step A: Cut a 6" x 7"” piece of printed burlap. Fold ½"” all around and press with iron.
    Step B: Apply Liquid Stitch on the ½”" folded edge at the left, right, and bottom side. Attach to right hand side of placemat.
  • 3
    Step A: Cut a 34”" piece of jute. Put one end through two holes of a button. Tip: To make it easier for the jute to go through buttonhole, apply hot glue and once it becomes cool enough before it dries, pinch the end of jute.
    Step B: Bring ends together and place 2” of jute ends on the left side of placement in between both fabrics in the center from the edge. Apply Liquid Stitch to attach.
    Step C: To close placemat fold right side first, then left and wrap jute around, secure with button.