8 Materials Needed:

Black Canvas, Glossy Mod Podge, Glitter, Awl or Poking Tool, Electroluminescent Light String, Electric Tape, Paintbrush, Scissors

About this Project

Vegas? Broadway?? Amateurs. Electrify your holiday with a DIY neon rope-light sign.

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  • 1

    Download template.

    Print, cut, and trace design onto canvas. Poke holes on stencil for string to enter and exit canvas.

  • 2
    Place one end of the light string into the canvas and pull through. Shape the string around the template. Cut out and apply electrical tape onto canvas to secure. Poke string through the exiting hole of the canvas and pull through to complete the shape.
  • 3
    Tape battery pack to back of canvas. Place any remaining light string onto back frame of canvas.
  • 4
    Mix Mod Podge and glitter and apply to canvas with a paintbrush. Paint glitter around light string and on top of electrical tape to disguise. Let dry.