13 Materials Needed:

White Fun-Kin Carvable Pumpkins in Sizes of Your Choice, FolkArt Chalk Paint in Nantucket Blue or Color of Your Choice, Acrylic Paint in Deep Midnight Blue and Bleached Sand or Colors of Your Choice, Coastal Living and Coral Stencils, Stencil Adhesive Spray, Assorted Flowers and Shells, Spanish Moss, Coarse White Sand, Mod Podge, Round Brushes, Sponge Brushes, Foam Pouncer, Hot Glue and Gun

About this Project

Is there anything more spectacular than autumn along the coast? Bring the blues and grays of the ocean to your doorstep with these beach themed pumpkin decor ideas.

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Make one or one of each, it's up to you! You can also find more pumpkin projects by clicking here.

  • 1
    Apply two coats of chalk paint to one of the pumpkins and let dry. Apply midnight blue acrylic paint to a second pumpkin and let dry.
  • 2
    Using Mod Podge and in sections, apply freehand waves to the midnight blue painted pumpkin. Lightly pour sand on waves, pat down, and shake off any excess. Continue until sand is covering all of the waves and let dry.
  • 3
    Apply stencil adhesive to coral stencil, center and place on chalk paint pumpkin. Using the pouncer, lightly apply the bleached sand paint over the stencil and let dry.
  • 4
    Hot glue Spanish moss around both pumpkins' stems, as well as shells and flowers to accent.