14 Materials Needed:

1 qt. Clear Mason Jar, 4'' Styrofoam Ball, 4'' Plaster Wrap, Felt Witch Hat, 12 mm Solid Black Eyes, Black Cardstock, 6'' Lime Green Tulle, 6'' Black Tulle, 1/8'' Black Suede Cord, Orange Yarn, Acrylic Paint in Black Green Purple & Orange, Liner Brush, Foam Pouncer, Plastic Wrap

About this Project

Work your creative sorcery on a mason jar and turn it into a whimsical piece of Halloween decor. Make a pair of witches or mix and match this one with other frighteningly festive characters here.

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  • 1
    Cut the Styrofoam ball so that one side is flat, flip the mason jar upside down and hot glue the flat end to the bottom of the jar. Cut 6-8 strips of plaster wrap, each 26'' long. Spray each strip with water one at a time as you drape it over the Styrofoam ball. Continue until the ball and jar are covered and let dry.
  • 2
    Roll out a 2'' x 2'' piece of plaster wrap, spray it with water, and then roll and shape it into the witch's nose. gently place it on the witch's face where you'd like it to stay, smooth out the ends, and let it dry.
  • 3
    Cut two 6'' x 6'' pieces of black cardstock. Roll each into a cone shape and glue to hold in place. Cover each with plastic wrap and then wrap a piece of wet plaster wrap around the plastic wrapped cone and let dry. Attach the sleeves to the witch's body with hot glue.
  • 4
    Use acrylic paint to paint the witch as desired and let dry. Cut shank off solid black eye and hot glue where desired on the witch's face. Paint the witch's mouth using the liner brush.
  • 5
    Cut 25 pieces of orange yarn, each 14'' long. Tie them together in the center and glue to the top of the witch's head. Cut another grouping of yarn 3'' long and glue to the forehead for bangs. Tie the suede cord around the witch's neck. Using the pouncer, paint and the tulle, decorate the hat and then attach with hot glue.