4 Materials Needed:

Nicole Crafts 6" x 3" Tote Bags in Natural Foam Glitter Stickers in Hearts & a Piece of Snowcap Cardstock, Acrylic Paints & Yarns in Red White & Pink, Clover Small Pom Pom Maker, Paintbrush Ruler Scissors & Pencils

About this Project

Send your kids' Valentine's Day party guests home with a DIY bag that holds candy, small gifts, cards and other goodies. Everyone will love how you topped these favor bags off with pom poms, paint and stickers! Click here for other ways to make the party memorable.

Make one, snap a pic and share it: #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Draw a 3-½"” wide heart on the Snowcap cardstock and cut out. Place the cardstock heart onto the center of a bag.
  • 2
    Using the pencils' erasers as your paintbrush, make Red, White and Pink paint dots around the cardstock heart. When paint is dry, remove the cardstock heart.
  • 3
    Following the instructions on the pom pom maker, make a small pom pom with all three colors of yarn. Tie the pom pom to the handle and trim ends.
  • 4
    Attach a foam glitter heart sticker to the center of the bag.