9 Materials Needed:

12x18-inch Premium Felt, Ribbon, Stick-On Felt Letters, Ruler or T-Square, Craft Knife, Fabric Glue, Scissors, Pen, Markers/Pencils/Crayons

About this Project

A place for everything and everything in its place! Kids will love this neat and easy roll-up coloring case, perfect for the young artist on the go.

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  • 1
    Cut felt to 18 x 9 inches.
  • 2
    Place item that you will be storing onto felt to determine placement and size of loops.
  • 3
    Mark desired number of loops along felt in desired location, we created 15 loops. Leave at least 3 of felt unmarked at the end. Use a craft knife to cut small slices into felt to create loops.
  • 4
    Cut two pieces of ribbon, 22 inches and 12 inches. Glue the 22-inch piece of ribbon over the marked lines. There should be 4 inches of ribbon remaining.
  • 5
    Fold 1/4-inch of the 12-inch ribbon under and glue together. Glue the folded edge of ribbon on top of the previous ribbon. Place it on the edge with the ribbon tail, but this end should hang loose in the opposite direction of the 4-inch tail.
  • 6
    Once glue is dry, insert the items into travel case. Roll up, wrap long ribbon around and tie to the 4-inch ribbon. Add sticky letters to outside of roll, if desired.