Additional Materials:

Cupcake Liners, 1.5" Wooden Disc, Magnets, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Hot Glue, White Glitter Adhesive Craft Foam, Puffy Paint

About this Project

( ♥ _ ♥ ) Everything is better when it's kawaii! Explore the Japanese culture of cuteness with these adorable cupcake magnets featuring kawaii faces and expressions.

  • 1
    Paint wooden disc in desired color. Let dry.
  • 2
    Place wooden disc into cupcake liner to determine length. Cut down the back of the liner and remove most of the circular bottom. Leave enough liner to wrap around the base of the wooden disc.
  • 3
    Glue the front of the liner to the disc and wrap the bottom around the back. Trim excess.
  • 4
    Add desired face using acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • 5
    Cut craft foam to create icing for the cupcake. Remove part of the adhesive backing and stick onto the front of the wooden disc.
  • 6
    Decorate the foam with puffy paint to create sprinkles. Let dry.
  • 7
    Hot glue magnet to back of wooden disc.