14 Materials Needed:

17x24" Rustic Pallet Sign, Wooden Letters, Red and White Acrylic Paint, White Chalk Spray Paint, Red and White Striped Cardstock, Matte Mod Podge, Sandpaper, Assorted Stems and Greenery, Foam Brush, Paint Brush, Wire Clippers, Hot Glue, Scissors, Wire Hanging Kit

About this Project

Spread holiday JOY with a DIY wooden sign! Create a festive candy-cane design using patterned cardstock.

Create your own, snap a picture, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Spray two coats of white chalk paint onto pallet sign. Let each coat dry. Paint the "J" and "Y" with white acrylic. Paint sides of letters in red. Paint "O" entirely red. Let dry.
  • 2
    Trace and cut a "J" and "Y" from the striped cardstock. Brush a layer of Mod Podge onto both letters, then place the cut-out paper directly on top and let dry. Brush another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal. Let dry.
  • 3
    Lightly sand the edges of each letter and wipe clean. Adhere the JOY letters to the pallet sign as pictured. Let dry.
  • 4
    Arrange greenery onto sign and glue into place. Let dry.
  • 5
    Attach wire-hanging supplies to back of pallet.