Additional Materials:

Disk Plastic Ornament, Tape, Cups

About this Project

Sprinkle love and hope everywhere with this Breast Cancer Awareness ball! Support those affected by breast cancer with this simple DIY project.

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  • 1
    Cut out ribbon template and tape face up to the back side of the disk ornament. This will be the guide for where to place the rhinestones.
  • 2
    Place rhinestones to the front of the disk ornament over top of where the template guides you.
  • 3

    Remove metal hanger from the ornament. Pour glitter-it inside the ornament. Roll glitter-it around so that the entire inside surface of the ornament is covered. Pour out excess glitter-it.

  • 4

    Pour glitter into the ornaments and roll around until the entire inside surface is covered. Dump out excess glitter. Let dry.

  • 5
    Place metal hanger back on top of the ornament.