9 Materials Needed:

16" Wire Frame Wreath, 1 Roll of Burlap Mesh (10" x 10 Yards), Felt, Chenille Stems, Poly-Fil, Large Bow, Scissors, Wire Cutters, Hot Glue

About this Project

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch him... but you can craft him! Use burlap mesh to make a fun and fluffy Gingerbread Man holiday wreath.

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  • 1
    Tie 10 chenille stems around the inner ring of the wreath, spaced apart evenly. Gather the burlap into four folds, then tie down using the chenille stems on the ring. Do not cut the burlap. Once tied down, gather 10 inches of the material, and twist once. Gather the end and tie down into the next chenille stem. Repeat around the inner ring until complete. Tie 10 more chenille stems around outer ring and repeat this process. Adjust and fluff the burlap as needed. TIP: Choose a neutral shade of chenille stem that camouflages behind the burlap.
  • 2

    Download and print template.

    Trace the template for the arms and head onto felt. Scale template depending on wreath size. Glue eyes, cheeks and nose onto face and adhere the ribbon embellishment onto the ends of two arms.

  • 3
    Glue along the edges of the front-facing sides of the arms and face and press together, leaving a small gap open. Let dry.
  • 4
    Flip the arms and face inside-out, revealing the eyes, mouth and other details. Fill with Poly-Fil, then close the gap with hot glue. Let dry.