3 Materials Needed:

Nicole Crafts Straws in Your Favorite Colors (we used Chevron Blue Purple & Green), Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Desired Colors (we chose Neon Pink Neon Orange & Neon Yellow), Embroidery Needle Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

You don’t need to be a math whiz to create this geek-chic DIY dorm décor -- but it helps. Our himmeli-inspired geometric ornament requires a bit of craftiness and a basic understanding of geometry. Himmeli originated in Finland and has since become a popular ornamental style around the world. After trying it ourselves we discovered that it’s not only cool DIY décor, but it would also be a great educational project for math teachers! Click here for more dorm decor inspiration!

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  • 1
    Cut six straws in half for a total of twelve pieces. Lay six pieces flat, end-to-end, and then measure out your yarn to be the three times the length of the six pieces. Then thread an embroidery needle with your yarn, but don’t knot it.
  • 2
    Put the needle through three straw pieces. Remove the needle and tie both ends together to create a triangle. Lay the triangle flat with the knot at the top.
  • 3
    Thread the needle again. Working from left to right, put the needle through two straw pieces to create another triangle. To close it, tie yarn around the bottom corner of the first triangle you made. Your second triangle will be upside down, that pattern will continue as you go.
  • 4
    Continue threading two straw pieces at a time and connecting them until you have a total of five triangles.
  • 5
    Put the needle through your last straw piece and tie the yarn to the top corner knot of the first triangle you made. Now it should stand as a pyramid with triangles on each side. Hide the loose end of yarn back into the straw.
  • 6
    Thread the yarn back through the top straw, furthest on your right, so it comes out of the flat triangle on the right side. Tie yarn around to the other side to close your shape. Use the excess yarn to hang.
  • 7
    Cut out six 10” pieces of yarn to make a tassel at the bottom point. Make a loop at the center of the yarn pieces and bring around the bottom point, pull ends through to secure. Trim to make even.