Additional Materials:

Glass Pumpkin, Food Coloring Gel

About this Project

This project is out of this world! Create a glittery frosted galaxy pumpkin using glue and food coloring.

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  • 1
    Mix gel food coloring into water until dissolved. Then mix two parts glue with one part water in plastic cups. Repeat for all colors.
  • 2

    Place cooling rack inside of the cake pan and place the pumpkin on top. Remove the lid and flip pumpkin base upside down so that they opening is facing the cake pan.

  • 3

    For a dirty pour you will want to start with a base color in your cup and slowly add small amounts of different colors. Continue layering different colors into cup until you reach desired amount. Drag a craft stick through the colors twice to mix the layers slightly together. Pour over entire pumpkin lid and base in a circular motion. Pick up lid and base to make sure you do not have excess in the crevices of the pumpkin. Let dry several hours or overnight to fully cure.

  • 4
    When glue is dry to the touch, use paint marker to create a galaxy pattern on the outside of the pumpkin.
  • 5
    Fill pumpkin with teeny lights for a sparkly finish!