15 Materials Needed:

Black Pumpkin Bowl, 6-inch Clay Pot, 5-inch Clay Pot, Two 2-inch Clay Pots, 5/8-inch Purple Grosgrain Ribbon, Gray Craft Foam, Acrylic Paint: Black, Green, Purple, White, Orange, Floral Wire, Paint Brushes, Hot Glue, Quick-Grip Glue

About this Project

It's alive! ALIVE! Scare up some treats for your little monsters with this Frankenstein candy bowl made from terra cotta clay pot planters.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Paint the 6-inch pot and two 2-inch pots green. Paint the 5-inch pot orange and purple as pictured using template. Paint the 6-inch pot using template.

  • 2
    Cut two .5 x 4.5-inch rectangles and two .25 x 9-inch strips from gray craft foam. Roll rectangles up tightly and secure with glue. Hot glue the .25 wide discs flat onto a piece of gray craft foam, then trim to edge of disc. Glue the .5-inch and .25-inch pieces together to form the screws. Glue to sides of head near neck.
  • 3
    Cut four 18-inch lengths of ribbon. Pull two through hole on bottom of 2-inch pots and tie knot to secure. Glue a piece of wire between the two pieces of ribbon for stability.
  • 4
    Glue head and hands to bottom of pumpkin bowl with quick-grip glue. Glue the head onto the body. Trim ends of ribbon to desired length. Hot glue to sides of the body.