Additional Materials:

Foil Quill Pen Kit, Foil Roll, Cricut Maker, Transparent Glossy Vinyl, Transfer Vinyl, Scissors

About this Project

Make it yours! Get fancy and use the Foil Quill Pen with your die-cutting machine to personalize everything from glass bottles to nail polish storage.

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  • 1

    Download the label template or create your own label and upload to the design space. Select application method as “draw” instead of “cut”. Queue design to draw.

  • 2
    Place transparent vinyl onto Cricut mat. Place foil over vinyl and secure down with heat-safe tape.
  • 3
    Plug Foil Quill Pen into pen adaptor and plug in to heat up. Run the design to apply foil to the vinyl. Once done, unplug foil quill pen and remove foil to reveal design.
  • 4

    Place back onto Cricut mat to cut or cut by hand. Place labels onto jars, containers, and other forms of storage. TIP: Layer clear foil with colored vinyl to create dimension.