7 Materials Needed:

Fun-Kin Carvable Pumpkin in Size and Color of Your Choice, Black Cardstock or Color of Your Choice, Scoring Board, Orange Glitter or Color of Your Choice, Sponge Brush, Mod Podge, Hot Glue and Gun

About this Project

Go head, get a little batty this Halloween. Decorate your pumpkin with glitter and cardstock bats flying in the perfect monogrammed formation.

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  • 1
    In sections, apply Mod Podge to pumpkin and then glitter until completely covered.
  • 2
    Print out the project template. Use it to cut different sized bats out of cardstock. Use the scoring board to create a fold at the center of each bat. Use a scoring tool, pencil, or something similar to curl the bats' wings.
  • 3
    Use chalk, a pencil, or a marker to write the monogram on your pumpkin. Form the bats to fill out the monogram and attach with hot glue.
  • 4
    Finish with additional bats flying away from the letter.