9 Materials Needed:

Choice of Felt, Terracotta Pots, Folk Art Painted Finishes in Light Concrete, Pebbles, Paint Brush, Pinking Shears, Fabric Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue

About this Project

These felt flowers will always be in season. Grow your own evergreen succulent garden with painted terracotta pots and brilliantly-colored cactus blooms.

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  • 1
    Paint terracotta pot with light concrete Folk Art paint. You need two coats. Let dry.
  • 2

    Cut three different sizes of petals from the felt. Tip: To give the petal a textured look, use pinking shears to cut the edges of the petals.

    Cut a thin rectangle of felt that is smaller than your smallest petal.

    Roll up the rectangle and hot glue it together. This will create the base of the succulent.

  • 3

    Begin gluing the smallest petals around the base in a circle.

    Continue gluing petals around in a circle until you have reached desired size.

  • 4
    Pour rocks into terracotta pot and place succulents on top.