7 Materials Needed:

12x12-inch Shadowbox Frame, Cricut Machine, Assorted Paper, Black Foam Board, X-Acto Knife, Ruler, Quick-Dry Glue

About this Project

Celebrate the arrival of fall by creating a DIY shadowbox featuring a laser-cut scene from the season. To create the layered design, you will need an assortment of paper and a Cricut cutting machine.

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  • 1

    Download template and upload to the Cricut Design Space. Resize each vector layer to 11.5x11.5 inches. Cut each layer with the Cricut, and weed off of the board. Place each layer on top of one another to ensure everything matches up. TIP: Choose paper in a natural fall gradient of colors, working from darkest to lightest.

  • 2
    Measure and cut out 40 strips of black foam core, each measuring 11.25 x .5-inches. Open up the shadowbox and lay down the top layer. Glue down the edges of this layer in the shadowbox, so it lies flat against the glass.
  • 3
    Layer two strips of foam core on the edges of the shadowbox frame, on top of the first layer. Glue down each layer of foam core, and repeat on all three sides of the shadowbox, making sure the foam isnt visible from the front of the frame. Continue to place each layer of paper with 8 strips of foam core. For the final layer, use a a white or light-yellow sheet of paper.
  • 4
    Place the back of the shadowbox frame on and secure down.