12 Materials Needed:

Assorted Cotton Fabric, Fabric Scissors, Heat n' Bond, Iron-On Gold Vinyl, Poly-Fil Quilt Batting, Sewing Machine, Iron, Cheesecloth, Fabric Marker, Sewing Pins, Wood Dowel, Cricut Machine

About this Project

DIY a decorative piece to place your pots! Keep your counters and tables safe from hot cookware with a cute heart-shaped trivet cut with a Cricut machine.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Iron all fabric. Trace, and cut patterns from fabric.

  • 2
    To make gold hearts, print, trace and cut iron-on vinyl using Cricut machine. Place the iron-on design onto the fabric. Place cheesecloth on top of the vinyl. Set the iron to medium heat, and iron fabric. Peel off backing while vinyl is warm, not hot.
  • 3
    Fold the raw edges of the small hexagon inside. Press with an iron to create creases. Pin the small hexagon in the middle of the large hexagon and sew in place. Remove pins as needed.
  • 4
    Cut out strips of Heat n Bond to the small fabric hearts. Iron hearts onto the main hexagonal shape, surround the outer perimeter of the small hexagon. Let cool. Run straight line stitches across each side of the hexagon, running down the center of each heart, and through the small hexagon.
  • 5
    Pin the larger hearts together from the inside-out. Sew a straight stitch around the fabric-marked heart. Cut around the perimeter of the edge to release tension, then turn the hearts inside out. Lightly stuff each heart with batting. Wet the sides of the fabric to remove the fabric marker.
  • 6
    Place the bottom large hexagon facing up. Pin the large hearts around each side of the hexagon, with the tail of the heart poking outward. Place the top large hexagon on top, facing down. Pin all sides down and sew straight lines around 5 of the 6 edges.
  • 7
    Sew down half of the final side. Remove all pins and flip the trivet inside out. Poke out the corners with a dowel. Stuff the inside of the hexagon with batting. Sew a ladder stitch around the final half of the unstitched side to secure in place.
  • 8
    Machine-wash but air dry. Note: Do not use for very hot containers or use alternative stuffing (ie. cotton).