Additional Materials:

Photograph, White Eraser, Permanent Marker (Optional)

About this Project

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  • 1
    Follow instructions on adhesive sheet packaging to adhere photo to cardstock. TIP: Strengthening photos will prevent tearing during poking and stitching.
  • 2
    Use a needle tool to poke holes along the edge of the image you want to stitch. Place the holes at least 1/8” apart to stop the thread from ripping through the photo.
  • 3
    If stitching text on to the photo, print out a copy of the text onto a piece of paper and use that as a guide for punching.
  • 4
    Use simple stitches like a straight stitch or back stitch for easy impact.
  • 5
    If creating shapes that do not exist in the original photo, lightly use a pencil to sketch in the shapes wanted, punch the holes along the lines, then gently erase the pencil lines with a white eraser.
  • 6
    If you want to add written text, use a permanent marker.