Additional Materials:

Dried Floral (different textures & colors), Floral Foam, Glass Cloche, Wood Slice (Optional), Scissors, Floral Foam Knife

About this Project

Grow your DIY floral skills! Create this fall centerpiece with assorted dried floral and cover with a glass cloche to bring it all together. This project is sure to be the center of attention of any tablescape or event.

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  • 1

    Cut floral foam down to small square approx. 3" x 2" x 2"

  • 2

    Cut down floral stems starting with the largest first. Tip: if you have a longer stem and you want it to be smaller, cut the top off and peel off some of the bottom of the flowers to expose the stem. You can get multiple stems out of one longer stem by trimming and reshaping the top of the remaining piece.

  • 3

    Place largest floral stems into floral foam. Fill in with smaller stems until the entire block of foam is covered. Mix different colors and textures of dried floral together. Tip: Place glass cloche over arrangement every so often to check for size.

  • 4
    Place floral foam onto stand or surface of your choice and cover with glass cloche.