9 Materials Needed:

Make n' Mold Hard Candy Mix, Silicone Mat and Molds, Candy Thermometer, Gel Food Coloring, Wooden Spoon, Lollipop Sticks, Sprinkles, Wafer Paper Shapes, Water

About this Project

We're suckers for DIY candy! Create custom lollipops and candy bark using Make n' Mold Hard Candy mix and edible embellishments.

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    Follow instructions on back of hard candy mix.

    To ensure candy mix cooks evenly, pour hard candy mixture into a tall, heavy-bottomed pot. Add 1/3 cup water to 12 oz. hard candy mix to achieve the texture of wet sand. Boil on medium high heat.

    Agitate with wooden spoon continuously until mixture comes to a boil. TIP: When mixture starts boiling, stop stirring. Stirring before boil helps prevent crystallization. Stirring after boil causes crystallization.

    Remove foam from top of mixture by scooping out with a strainer or spoon. TIP: Removing this foam will improve the appearance of the finished product.

    Wash down sides of pot with clean moistened pastry brush.

    When mixture reaches 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius), add in gel coloring until desired color is reached. Lightly swirl to mix. Return to heat. Finish cooking to 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit (149-160 degrees Celsius).

    Let mixture cool and thicken slightly, then pour onto mat or into mold, pouring close to the surface to avoid air bubbles.

    Let set and cool to room temperature.

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    To add more color and texture to your candy, add sprinkles or candy wafers or edible embellishments to the molds or silicone mat before pouring candy.
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    Once the candy on the silicone mat has set, break into small pieces that can be used to decorate cupcakes and desserts.