Additional Materials:

Iron, Pen, Cross Stitch Pattern of Your Choice

About this Project

Don’t worry, bead happy! Use perler beads to make a cross stitch look-a-like project. These colorful masterpieces are perfect conversation pieces in any room in your home or make for a cute gift.

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  • 1
    Decide which cross stitch pattern you would like to use. Print out template of create your own.
  • 2
    Place hoop on top of Perler bead peg board to determine how far out your Perler beads need to go. Keep placing hoop on top of beads to make sure you are filling out enough of the board. You will want the beads to go beyond the hoop.
  • 3
    Place Perler beads onto peg board to mirror the cross stitch pattern. Each "x" on the pattern equals one Perler bead.
  • 4
    Heat iron to medium setting. Cover Perler beads with ironing paper and iron for approximately 20 seconds until Perler beads begin to melt. Let beads cool. Flip Perler beads over and repeat this step.
  • 5
    Once the Perler beads are cool, place hoop on top of the back of the beads. Trace the inside of the hoop with a pen.
  • 6
    Trim off excess beads and place finished beads into embroidery hoop.