Additional Materials:

(3) 3" Clay Pots, (1) 3" Clay Saucer, (1) 2.5" Clay Pot, (8) 1.5" Clay Pots, Glitter Craft Foam, Gold Chenille Stem

About this Project

Yes, unicorns are real, and apparently they like to garden! Turn clay-pot planters into a magical, mythical creature, complete with rainbow yarn hair and sparkly chenille stem horn.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Paint all clay pots white. Use the Quick Grip adhesive to glue two 1.5 clay pots bottom to bottom. Repeat three more times to create 4 legs. Glue two 3 clay pots together rim to rim to create body. Glue a 3 saucer to the rim of the remaining 3 clay pot for the head. Let dry completely.

  • 2
    Paint the bottom rim of the legs with black paint to resemble hooves. Glue two legs together for the front legs and repeat with remaining two legs for the back. Sit the pairs of legs about 2 apart and glue the body on top; the flat rims of the body should sit in between the legs. Glue the head to the 2.5 clay pot, the flat rim of the head to the bottom of the 2.5 pot. Let dry. Glue the rim of the 2.5 clay pot to the front of the body.
  • 3
    Mane: Create a 6 tassel out of red yarn. Cut 10 lengths of yarn (about 15 pieces). Fold in half and wrap another piece of red yarn around the folded end about .5 down. Tie a small knot to secure. Repeat to make a tassel in each color. Hot glue the tassels together in a straight line in rainbow order.
  • 4
    Tail: Create one tassel using all six colors (about 4 pieces each).
  • 5
    Ears: Cut template pieces out of glitter craft foam and adhere the white glitter foam pieces back to back and the inside ear piece to the outer white shape.
  • 6
    Horn: Spiral chenille stem into a cone shape to create horn.
  • 7
    Hot glue mane down center back of head, the red tassel should sit on the top of the head. Hot glue ears onto the head letting some of the mane sit in front of them. Hot glue the tail onto the back of the body. Glue horn onto the center of head.
  • 8
    Glue eyes onto head. Trim yarn mane and tail as desired.