14 Materials Needed:

3” Styrofoam Ball, 5” Styrofoam Ball, 1.5” Clay Pot, 2.25” Clay Pot, 6” Azalea Pot, Craft Foam, Ultra-Fine Sharpies, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Brown Chenille Stems, 15mm Googly Eyes, Scissors, Craft Knife, Hot glue

About this Project

DIY some plucky clay pot poultry in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.

    Use a craft knife to cut a small flat section off one side of the 5” Styrofoam ball. Hot glue flat edge onto the bottom of the 6” Azalea pot to form the body.

  • 2
    Glue the 3” Styrofoam ball to the bottom of the 1.5” clay pot, then glue the 1.5” pot to the bottom of the 2.25” clay pot to form the head. Lay the body piece down on its side then glue the head to the front at a slight angle.
  • 3
    Paint everything brown. Let dry.
  • 4
    Cut template pieces from designated craft foam. Cut feathers from a combination of all craft foam colors.
  • 5
    Glue beak into a cone shape by overlapping corners at dotted line. Glue onto front of head, then glue the snood along the top edge of the beak letting it hang down to one side.
  • 6
    Glue googly eyes to head above the beak.
  • 7
    Glue wings to 5” Styrofoam ball on either side of the neck.
  • 8
    Use ultra-fine Sharpies to add details to feathers. Glue feathers to edge of azalea pot. Glue more lines of feathers to the top of the pot, offsetting them between previous feathers.
  • 9
    Fold chenille stem in half and twist together. Fold one end up .5” and glue between two feet pieces. Repeat for second leg. Stick legs into front of 5” Styrofoam ball, secure with glue.