7 Materials Needed:

Fun-Kin Carvable Pumpkin, Green Acrylic Paint or Colors of Your Choice, Pink and Yellow Crepe Paper, White Chenille Stems, 8'' x 12'' Wood Dowel, Sponge Brush, Hot Glue and Gun

About this Project

Our pumpkins have a little bit of an obsession with succulents. That's why they're dressing up as cacti for Halloween. If you have a carvable pumpkin at home that thinks it's a cactus, then grab some crepe paper, your hot glue gun, and few basic craft supplies!

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  • 1
    Apply three coats of green paint to pumpkin. TIP: For dimension, paint first in lighter green and then paint indentations in darker green.
  • 2
    Create a flower by cutting out five layers of crepe paper into a rounded star shape. With a 2'' chenille stem, bend and stick the ends into the center of the layered flower pieces. Twist the ends on the other side, and glue the flower to the stem of the pumpkin.
  • 3
    Cut several 1 1/2'' pieces of chenille stems. Bend them each at the center into an arrow shape and glue around the cactus.
  • 4
    Optional: Use dowels to connect a smaller pumpkin to a larger pumpkin if desired. Simply stick dowel half way into smaller pumpkin and connect other end to a larger pumpkin.