10 Materials Needed:

2 Silver Pumpkins, Pink Felt, Hot Glue, Gray Fuzzy Stem, 4 White Fuzzy Chenille Stems, 2 Greenery Pins, 2.75-inch Black Pom-Poms, Two 5mm White Pom-Poms, 2-inch White Pom-Poms, .75-inch Pink Pom-Pom

About this Project

Somebunny doesn't want to be left out of Halloween! Dress up your pumpkin as an adorable bunny using fluffy pom-poms and white chenille stems.

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  • 1
    Cut two 8-inch lengths of gray fuzzy stem and one 16-inch piece. Roll about half of the 8-inch lengths into a spiral to form the arms. Fold the 16-inch length in half, then spiral the ends into the center one full circle to create bridge of nose.
  • 2
    Bend one white fuzzy chenille stem in half and glue ends together at the bottom to form ear. Glue onto a piece of pink felt and, while the glue is still warm, push the felt up into the center of the ear to create a domed look. When cooled, trim excess pink felt. Glue a second white fuzzy chenille stem onto back of ear to cover edge of felt. Repeat to create a second ear. Glue greenery pins to bottom of ears; these will be used to attach the ears.
  • 3
    Glue two 2-inch white pom-poms together to form muzzle of bunny, glue a .75-inch pink pom-pom on top to form the nose. Glue a 5mm white pompom onto one .75-inch black pom-pom to create an eye. Repeat to form second eye.
  • 4
    Assemble bunny. Remove stems from pumpkins and glue one on top of the other. Glue bridge of nose fuzzy stem onto top pumpkin (curled end should lay top center of pumpkin where stem was). Glue muzzle/nose to the end of the bridge of nose. Glue eyes on either side of the bridge of the nose. Glue arms into crease where pumpkins meet. Glue ears onto top of head. Glue 2-inch white pom-pom onto back of pumpkin to create tail.