10 Materials Needed:

Plaid Coastal Paint, Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Paper, Mod Podge, Hot Glue, Embellishments (Letters, Shapes, Rhinestones, etc.)

About this Project

You can't say "I do" without your crew! Make sure your squad is all aboard with a ship-shape bridesmaid proposal box and seaworthy keepsakes from A.C. Moore.

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    A bridesmaid proposal box is a great way to let your bestie know you want her to be part of your big day. You can make the moment memorable by popping the question in a fun and creative way. To create a nautical themed proposal box (like the one pictured), use two varying shades of Plaid Coastal Paint. First, cover the entire box in small half-circle shapes in the darker shade of paint. Next, go back over the design with the lighter hue, without fully covering each section.
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    To make sure your crew knows how important they are to you, stuff your box with personalized items that symbolize your friendship. Remind them of meaningful moments in your friendship, places you've traveled to together, and all the fun times you've had. Include photos, wedding theme inspiration, important dates and other fun keepsakes.
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    Personalize each gift with a custom card. You can find super cute cards that say it for you, or make your own with sweet words from the heart. Add some custom embellishments and a little bling and you're ready to ship off.