5 Materials Needed:

12-inch Hanging Basket with Coco Insert, Choice of Yarn, Scissors, Ruler, Optional: Fray Check

About this Project

Customize a hanging basket with pretty pastel braids and fill with greenery to add a boho-chic DIY accent for any space.

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  • 1

    Cut 16 strands of yarn for each braid. Each strand should be 32 inches in length.

    Fold the 16 strands of yarn in half over the top of the basket and tie a knot on the basket's circumference.

  • 2

    Divide the knotted yarn into three sections and create a braid that reaches the bottom of your basket (approximately 8 inches long).

    Secure braid with knot at bottom rim of basket. Pull strands forward to the front of the knot and allow to hang down.

  • 3

    Repeat braids until basket is complete. Trim yarn to desired length.

    Optional: Apply Fray Check to ends of yarn to prevent fraying.