5 Materials Needed:

5mm Rounds Beads, 2mm Round Leather Cord, Beading Needle, Thread, Clipboard (optional)

About this Project

Accentuate any outfit with a stylish DIY leather bracelet. All you need are your favorite color beads, leather cord, thread and a needle!

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  • 1
    Measure out a length of leather to wrap comfortably around wrist twice, then double that amount. Create a larks head knot in the center of leather, leaving you the top and bottom strands of your bracelet.
  • 2

    Thread your needle and create a square knot as close to the larks head knot as possible. To add beads to the bracelet, thread needle through the bead and wrap around both strands of leather in a figure eight motion. The thread should wrap around the leather and through the bead at least two times. Continue beading until one inch of leather remains. When finished, secure beads with a square knot. Trim excess thread.

    TIP: Use a clipboard to hold your bracelet in place as you add beads.

  • 3
    Create a knot in the leather as close to the final bead as possible to secure your design. If desired, create an additional knot for additional length.