Additional Materials:

Plastic Canvas

About this Project

Groovy baby! Add geometric Bargello designs to your jewelry collection. First developed as a tapestry technique in the 17th century, the modern version of the classic flame stitch made a comeback in 1960's and 70's fashion and home decor. Create bright and bold bangle bracelets using this simple plastic canvas needlepoint technique from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1
    Print template. Color in spaces of template to create design. Select yarn to coordinate.
  • 2
    Cut desired length of plastic canvas to slip over your hand and wrap around your wrist.
  • 3
    Tie a knot onto back of yarn and pull yarn through eye of needle. Poke the needle into the back of the canvas and pull through the front. Start with one color at a time and work from left to right. Count down the number of squares the yarn will overlap and pull through the other side. When stitching downward in a chevron, poke the needle through the top square, and pull through the back square at the bottom. Reverse this step when working upward, this will create a clean, organized pattern. Continue working through the template. TIP: To make counting squares easier, leave one length of the bracelet uncovered, or wait until the template is completely stitched to cut the bracelet from the canvas sheet.
  • 4
    Once complete, wrap yarn around the outer sides of the bracelet to mask the plastic canvas. Pull the needle through each outer square and continue until all sides are finished. TIP: A classic Bargello stitch involves stitching the yarn through five squares and moving up two spaces to create the next step. To mix this up, create smaller stitches with 2 or 3 squares, change the amount of steps up or down, or work with a non-gradient of color for an eclectic finish.
  • 5
    Turn heat gun to low. Cut and adhere faux leather to inside of bracelet to mask underside. Let cool. Connect the bracelet by stitching both short ends together with needle. Tie once complete.