11 Materials Needed:

Glass Block, Fall Flowers, Wire Cutters, Ribbon, 6" Burlap Ribbon, Cricut Maker, Weeding Tool, Vinyl, Transfer Tape, Hot Glue, Floral Tape

About this Project

Autumn leaves and pumpkin, please! You'll be so glad you made this festive glass block from the A.C. Moore Craftologists.

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  • 1
    Download attached template. Cut onto vinyl using Cricut. Weed and discard excess vinyl. Apply transfer tape and place vinyl onto glass block.
  • 2
    Cut (2) 7" strips of burlap. Place one burlap strip into glass block facing front of block, and one facing the back. Use a wooden dowel to reinforce burlap if needed.
  • 3
    Cut floral stems and picks and arrange into a bouquet. Secure with floral tape. Place bouquet into glass block opening. Add additional picks, leaves and stems as desired.
  • 4
    Cut 20" of ribbon. Tie to top of the glass block and secure with hot glue. Cut 1" of ribbon and pinch in the middle. Glue onto the top of the right side of the block and let cool. Cut ends to create a tied knot.