Additional Materials:

Stretched Canvas, Scribbles Silver Glitter Fabric Paint, Teeny Lights, Extra-Fine Sharpie Paint Marker: Silver, Scissors, Awl, Tape, Paint Brushes, Acrylic Paint

About this Project

This month's horoscope: Your inner light is shining. Consider starting a new project! Light up the night with constellation canvas art featuring a painted galaxy and teeny lights.

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  • 1
    Paint the canvas like a galaxy. Start with Black paint and quickly cover the canvas leaving some areas white. Fill in random areas of the canvas with Navy paint, leaving even less white space. Lightly fill in the remaining white areas with the Turquoise, Bright Pink, and Purple, overlapping the black and navy areas. Water down some White paint and flick onto the canvas using a fan brush. When dry, add glitter using the glitter fabric paint and a paint brush.
  • 2
    Print out desired zodiac constellation template. Make sure template lays within the open back space of the canvas. Lay template on top of canvas. Use awl to poke holes through the template and canvas to form the constellation. Remove template and use awl to widen the holes.
  • 3
    Twist teeny lights together and tape behind the canvas, laying the lights directly behind the holes. Lay remaining lights behind the canvas and tape in place. Secure the battery pack to the back of the canvas with tape for easy accessibility.
  • 4
    Use Sharpie to connect the constellation stars.