18 Materials Needed:

Wooden Ghost, Acrylic Paint, Glitter, Liquitex Pouring Medium, Pom-Poms, Mod Podge, Wire Ribbon, Painter's Tape, Craft Sticks, Cups, Sponge Brush, 25 Gauge Wire, Chalkboard Tag, Gloves, Hot Glue, Trash Bag, Chalk, Fabric Scissors

About this Project

Create scary-cute DIY decor with this easy paint-pouring project featuring a ghoulish Halloween wood shape.

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  • 1
    Pull ghost off base. Apply painter's tape to the area on the ghost that will be inserted back into the base.
  • 2
    Mix equal parts acrylic paint and Liquitex in plastic cups. If the paint does not flow easily, add more Liquitex. Place trash bag down to protect your work surface. TIP: Add glitter to your mixture for added shine.
  • 3
    Pour separate spots or "puddles" of paint onto wooden ghost. Continue adding colors to the puddles until they almost run together on the wooden ghost. Use a craft stick to create a swirl through the puddles and then tilt ghost in different directions so that the paint runs across the surface. Make sure paint has reached all sides of the ghost. Let dry.
  • 4
    Mix Mod Podge and glitter together. Using a sponge brush, coat the base. Do not apply glitter to opening of base. Once base and ghost are dry, reassemble.
  • 5
    Create a bow or bowtie from ribbon. Glue pom-pom to center of bow. Attach chalkboard tag to sign.