8 Materials Needed:

Cricut, Cricut Easy Press, Cricut Iron-On Vinyl: Rose Gold and Black Glitter, 11x14" Canvas, FolkArt Acrylic Paint: Seashell Pink and Spun Sugar, Foam Brush, Weeding Tool, Soft Cloth

About this Project

Let's heat things up! Use the Cricut EasyPress to create a layered vinyl wall canvas in just a few hot seconds.

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  • 1
    Download template and cut iron-on vinyl using Cricut, or trace and cut using a craft knife. Cut roses using rose-gold vinyl, and quote using black glitter vinyl. Remove excess vinyl with weeding tool.
  • 2
    Pour both acrylic paints into separate cups with a 2:1 ratio to water. Mix well. Pour half of each paint into a third cup, and mix together. Create an ombre background by blending all three colors onto the canvas with a foam brush. Let dry.
  • 3
    Place canvas on a smooth, flat surface. Place the floral rose-gold layer of vinyl onto the center of the canvas. Lie the cloth down on top of the vinyl. Follow the temperature and time settings in the Cricut EasyPress guidebook, and apply on top of the cloth and vinyl. Apply pressure to the design, and remove from the canvas once time is up. Let cool.
  • 4
    Repeat with black glitter iron-on vinyl. Let cool.