6 Materials Needed:

Pumpkin, Acrylic Paint, Fabric Paint, Paint Brushes, Fine-Tip Applicator Bottle, Rhinestones

About this Project

Create delicate henna-inspired designs using fabric paint and a fine-tip applicator bottle.

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  • 1
    Paint pumpkin with desired acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • 2
    Fill fine-tip applicator bottle with white fabric paint. Squeeze bottle to allow paint to flow. TIP: Apply light pressure to form thin lines, harder pressure to form thicker lines.
  • 3
    Draw lines around pumpkin. Use the segments of the pumpkin to balance your design. Add varying length of lines to form easy patterns. TIP: Create U shapes along lines for added detail.
  • 4
    Add dots of silver paint or glue rhinestones onto pumpkin.