5 Materials Needed:

Ceramic Pumpkin, Workable Fixative, Soft Pastels, Eraser, Sealant

About this Project

Check, please! It's pumpkin season and we're only a little bit plaid about it. DIY this gingham pumpkin using chalk pastels and fixative spray.

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  • 1
    In each vertical section of the pumpkin determine how big you want the squares to be.
  • 2
    Choose four related tones to create your pattern. Sort them into two darker and two lighter shades. Starting with the two darker shades, create pattern section by section, coloring in each square starting at the top and working your way down. Use your finger to smudge pastels. Alternate between a darker and lighter color pastel. In the next section, alternate the two lighter shades. Use eraser to clean up sections as needed.
  • 3
    Continue working around the pumpkin. Once you have completed a few sections, spray with workable fixative and let dry. Continue pattern until pumpkin is covered. TIP: Spray finished pumpkin with a permanent fixative.