Additional Materials:

18-Gauge Cloth-Covered Wire

About this Project

Is that a Rembrandt? No, it's a Rachel! Learn how to create these painterly crepe paper flowers, inspired by the works of the Dutch Masters.

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  • 1
    Cut cloth-covered wire down to desired length of stem. Place hot glue onto end of wire and attach to Styrofoam ball. TIP: Trim Styrofoam ball to fit the desired size of your flower.
  • 2
    Cut petals. Petal shape is dependent on the type of flower you create. TIP: For a layered look, cut similarly shaped petals in varying sizes.
  • 3
    Gently stretch crepe paper from the middle out to create a rounded petal shape. Glue petals to Styrofoam ball starting in the center of the flower and working your way out.
  • 4
    Create custom colored flowers with acrylic paint. Paint crepe paper on both sides, making sure not to over saturate paper. Let dry before stretching. Create texture by cutting down the top edges of petals.