6 Materials Needed:

Black Fun-Kin, Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint, Foam Brushes, Black Craft Foam, Multicolor Pom-Poms, White Elmer's Glue

About this Project

Get your mini makers to lend you a hand with this kid-friendly Halloween project. Add painted handprints to the bottom and top off your design with purple-hued pom-poms.

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  • 1
    Use foam brushes to apply acrylic paint onto childs palm to resemble flames, red on the tips of the fingers, orange in the middle, and yellow on base of the palm. Place painted palm onto bottom of pumpkin to transfer paint. Repeat around entire bottom of pumpkin. Let dry. TIP: To fill in small spaces, paint single fingers and press onto pumpkin.
  • 2
    Glue pom-poms around stem. Mix colors and sizes to create texture.
  • 3
    Cut black craft foam into two 1x6-inch rectangles. Glue onto sides of pumpkins to create handles. Let dry.