14 Materials Needed:

Hardcover Sketchbook or Wood Book, Tissue Paper, Dimensional Sticker Letters, Craft Foam, Air-Dry Clay, Brads, Metal Accents, Acrylic Paint, Rub n' Buff Antique Gold, Mod Podge, Foam Brushes, Paint Brushes, Hot Glue, Sculpting Tools

About this Project

Presto chango! Gather your coven and work your magic on these DIY spell books.

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  • 1
    Add dimensional sticker letters onto cover of book to spell out title. TIP: Use stickers, findings or create your own shapes with craft foam.
  • 2
    Paint a layer of Mod Podge over surface of book cover. Crumple up and then open a piece of tissue paper, place onto surface leaving wrinkles for texture. Add a top layer of Mod Podge then let dry. Repeat on back and spine of book.
  • 3
    Use air-dry clay to sculpt large, more dimensional designs onto cover. Let dry overnight.
  • 4
    Paint entire book with base color. Dry brush black acrylic paint over surface to distress.
  • 5
    Create faux metal details with craft foam and brads. TIP: Seal craft foam with Mod Podge for a smooth surface.
  • 6
    Hot glue metal accents onto book if desired. Highlight embellishments with Rub n' Buff, then distress with black paint.
  • 7
    For wooden books, paint the "pages" off white and detail with lines.