2 Materials Needed:

Two Sheets of Nicole Crafts Lemon Yellow Cardstock Crepe Paper in Brown Canary Yellow White & Spring Green Foamtastic 9" x 12" Sheet in Red Morex Curling Ribbon in Light Yellow, Beacon Zip Dry Paper Glue Ruler 3M Scotch Tape & Scissors Candy (for stuffing inside Piata)

About this Project

Make every day Taco Tuesday with your very own taco piñata. Now, if we could only figure out how to make it rain mini tacos when itÂ’'s busted open ...

Make it and share it using: #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Download and print the template. Tape the two shell templates together, flat side to flat side, to make one shell, and cut the shell shape from the Lemon Yellow cardstock. Then, fold the sides of the shell up, leaving 1-½" flat in the center.
  • 2
    Cut ½" slits along the sides of the center shape and fold them up. Glue the cut pieces to one side of the shell, curving it from one end to the other. Place candy or small treats into the center of the taco, and then glue the other side of the shell to the center piece.
  • 3
    Cut Canary Yellow crepe paper into 3/4" wide strips and glue along the sides of the taco shell. Trim to fit on each edge. Cut slits into the strip up to the glue. Continue gluing the strips until the side is covered and then repeat on the other side.
  • 4
    Cut up pieces of Brown crepe paper, scrunch them up, and glue to each side of the taco for the meat. Glue the Spring Green crepe paper onto the inside walls of the shell for the lettuce. Glue another piece, scrunched up, across the top of the center. Cut small squares of Red foam and glue them into the center for tomatoes. Curl pieces of ribbon and glue on top of the tomatoes for cheese. Scrunch some White crepe paper to look like a dollop of sour cream and glue on top of the cheese.