15 Materials Needed:

Wooden CD Crate, 3/16x4x36-inch Balsa Wood, 18x27-inch Suede Decorator Fabric, White Craft Fur, 15x7x1-inch Nu-Foam, 4 1.25-inch Candle Cups, Metallic Gold Paint, Hand Saw, Sand Paper, Wood Glue, Paint Brush, Craft Knife, Hot Glue, Scissors, Ruler

About this Project

Even dolls need to redecorate! Turn a wooden crate into a chic no-sew microfiber couch for your favorite 18-inch doll.

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  • 1

    Download and print template.


    Remove top plank of wood from one side of crate and sand smooth. Carefully remove staples from plank and use a hand saw to cut to 5 inches long. Use wood glue to attach between both bottom planks for center support.
  • 2
    Cut balsa wood according to Cutting Template. Glue the Left, Middle, and Right Sofa Seat to bottom planks, resting the middle piece on the center support created in Step 1. Glue Candle Cups to bottom of crate for feet. Paint entire crate and Sofa Arm Fronts metallic gold.
  • 3
    Use Sofa Back and two Sofa Cushions measurements to cut out matching foam pieces. Glue foam to balsa wood pieces. Cut two 8 x 3.75-inch pieces of foam for the arm cushions.
  • 4
    Lay Sofa Back, Sofa Cushions, and arm cushions foam side down onto back of fabric and cut out. Leave a 2-inch border around foam. Hot glue foam pieces to fabric. Tip: Cut out corners of fabric to create a corner finish. Glue a strip of fabric to back of Sofa Back to hide wrapped edges.
  • 5
    Glue Sofa Back to crate making sure it sits firmly against the back plank and arms. Glue arm cushions starting on the inside of the arm. Wrap over and down the side as you glue. Place Sofa Cushions on seat (these do not get glued down). Glue Sofa Arm Fronts to the arms to cover staple holes.
  • 6


    Cut a small 2 x 3-inch rectangle of foam. Cut 4 x 8-inch out of craft fur. Glue raw edges of fur under for a clean edge. Place glue along back side of the long edges of fur then fold in half so short edges meet. Insert foam through open side, then glue closed.