6 Materials Needed:

Two of the Woodline Works Wood Crate Large, Four of the Lara's Crafts New Image Company 10" Wood Circles Six Pieces of 3-1/2" Wood Picture Cube Blocks & 1 package of the 6-1/2" Wood Circles 12 pc. One Package of both 1" Wood Circles 7 pc. 6" x 5" Wood Rectangles 3 pc., Two of the Nicole Crafts 3" Closed Wood Spools & 1/8" x 1/2" x 36" Balsa Wood Six 3-1/2" 3D Wood Number 1s, FloraCraft Styrofoam Brand Foam 4" x 1" White Disc & 2-1/2" x 1-7/8" Hen Eggs 6 pc. CPE The New Image Group 9" x 12" Felt Sheets in Black White & Grey Sharpie Permanent Marker Medium Point Black & Nicole Crafts Iridescent Glitter Glue, Plaid FolkArt Home Dcor Chalk Paint in Rich Black Imperial Summer Porch & Provincial Blue DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint in Grey Sky & Dazzling Metallics Shimmering Silver, Nicole Crafts Dual Temperature Trigger Glue Gun Surebonder All Purpose Stik Glue Sticks Foam Cutter Scissors Sponge Roller Princeton 1”" & 3/8”" Angle Paintbrush 1”" Wood Screws & Drill with Philips Head Bit

About this Project

Fizzling Fireboxes! After Thomas is done helping his friends on Sodor, let him help you and your little conductors and engineers with some space-saving storage.

Note: Crate is intended for storage only.

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  • 1
    Begin by painting all of your key pieces as follows:
    Step A: Paint one entire crate Provincial Blue. For the other crate, paint the bottom Imperial and then the rest Provincial Blue as shown.
    Step B: Paint the four wood blocks and two spools Rich Black.
    Step C: Paint the four 6-½"” wood circles and two 10”" wood circles Provincial Blue, and then the other two 6-½”" wood circles Shimmering Silver.
    Step D: Paint four 3”" wood circles, two wood number 1s, and two wood rectangles Imperial.
    Step E: Cut two 20"” pieces of balsa wood. Paint them and six 1"” wood circles Shimmering Silver.
    Step F: Glue two 10”" wood circles together with Quick Grip. When the glue has set, paint the circles Grey Sky.
  • 2
    When all of the paint is dry, brush Iridescent glitter glue onto the four 3" wood circles painted with Imperial and let the glitter glue dry.
  • 3
    Use Quick Grip to glue four of the Rich Black blocks to the underside of the Imperial and Provincial Blue crate, each about 3" from the edge and even with the sides of the crate. Then, on one side of the Provincial Blue crate, glue two Rich Black blocks about 3" from the edge and even with the sides. Let the glue set.
  • 4
    Attach the Provincial Blue box to the Imperial and Provincial Blue box using your drill and screws, making sure the edges of the crates are even and all the Rich Black blocks are aligned on the bottom.
  • 5
    To attach the wheels, use Quick Grip to glue the 10" Provincial Blue circles to the blocks on the Provincial Blue crate and the 6-½" Provincial Blue circles to the blocks on the Imperial and Provincial Blue crate, as shown. Then, glue the corresponding Shimmering Silver wood circles to the centers of the wheels. When the glue sets, glue the balsa wood strips across the wheels on each side using Quick Grip, and then glue a 1" Shimmering Silver wood circle to each wheel over the balsa strip and let the glue set.
  • 6
    Use the Quick Grip to glue two of the Imperial wood circles to the very bottom corners of the front of the train, and two to the top of the Provincial Blue crate. Glue the two Imperial rectangles to each side of the Provincial Blue crate for windows, centering them towards the top. Glue the wood number 1s to each side of the Provincial Blue and Imperial crate and let the glue set. Lastly, glue the two Rich Black spools together and glue them to the top front end of the train for the smokestack.
  • 7
    To make the face, first download and print the project template. Use the template to cut out the mouth and eyes from felt. Cut one Styrofoam egg in half and shape into a nose. Cut one Styrofoam disc in half. Use another piece of Styrofoam to shape the discs into cheeks as shown. Paint the nose and cheeks with Grey Sky, let dry, and then hot glue them to the center of the Grey circle face. Hot glue the eyes and eyeballs together and adhere to the face. Hot glue the mouth from cheek to cheek. Draw on the eyebrows with the Black marker. Use the Quick Grip to glue the face to the front of the train under the smokestack.