6 Materials Needed:

Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Red Apple Black & Christmas Green, Nicole Crafts Tinsel Pom Poms in Red Punch It 1/8" Hole Punch Foamtastic 9" x 12" Fun Foam Sheets in Brown and Tan & Large Stencil Brush, Darice Baker's Twine 120 ft Candy Cane Mix, Poly-Fil Poly-Pellets Stuffing Beads, Daler-Rowney 3/4" Flat Paint Brush & Liner Paint Brush, Fifteen Tin Cans Glue Cross Stitch Needle Scissors & Pencil

About this Project

A DIY reindeer game that just might go down in history as the one that everyone can join in, for hours of fun -- first when you help the kids make it and then when they play with it!

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  • 1
    Prep: Download and print project template. Cut the patterns out and trace onto foam sheets for the face, ears, and antlers. Cut the foam pieces out. (Use project photo as a guide, if needed.) Use the paper punch to make the holes on the face.
  • 2
    Reindeer: Use the stencil brush and Black paint to make the eyes. Paint a smile and ears with the liner brush. Sew the face three-fourths of the way by threading the baker's twine through the holes, fill with beads, and then continue stitching. Tie the two ends together once they meet. Glue ears and antlers onto the back and the pom pom nose on the front.
  • 3
    Cans: Basecoat the cans with Christmas Green and let dry. Make Red Apple dots on the cans with the stencil brush. Let dry.
  • 4
    Play: Stack the cans in a pyramid-type shape. The winner is the one who knocks down the most cans with the stuffed reindeer.