4 Materials Needed:

A Few Sheets of Nicole Crafts 8-1/2" x 11" Cardstock in Milk White and Green Bean (Cream and Green) Punch It 3/16" Circle Punch Several 1" Foam Brushes & a Package of Bead-It Multi-Color Wood Beads, Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Bright Yellow, Elmer's Washable School Glue, Bubble Wrap & Scissors

About this Project

Corn “kernels” can be made either with bubble wrap printing technique, or with an index finger pressed into paint, then dotted on paper to create the look of rows of corn. Finished corn cobs can be used for garland or wreath projects.

Create your own, snap a few pics, then share: #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Paint the raised side of the bubble wrap with fall-colored paints. Use a separate brush for each color. Press the painted bubble wrap onto the Milk White/Cream colored cardstock.
  • 2
    When the paint is dry, download and print the project template to cut out corn shapes.
  • 3
    Use the template to cut out husk shapes from the Green/Green Bean cardstock.
  • 4
    Glue the corn shapes onto the husk shapes. Let the glue set.
  • 5
    Punch two holes at the top of each corn. String the corn onto the yarn with a wood bead between each one. To make the stringing easier, tape around the end of the yarn so it is shaped like a point.