7 Materials Needed:

Eggs (Hard-Boiled Blown-Out and/or Artificial Will All Work), Nicole Crafts Glitters in Desired Colors, Plaid Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, X-ACTO Craft Knife, Acrylic Paints or Dyes as well as a Styrofoam disc and Pins(optional - see step 1), Stickers or Contact Paper & Paper Punches (optional - see step 2), Bowls & Stencil Sponge Brush

About this Project

Use your egg to get creative this Easter. Try some different techniques for decorating Easter eggs with everyone's favorite crafting supply: GLITTER!

Create your own, snap a few pictures and share using #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    If you want your egg to have specific base color, dye or paint the egg first before applying any other technique. (Tip: Make a drying rack for your eggs with a Stryofoam disc and pins.)
  • 2
    Use your favorite craft adhesive: stickers, punched contact paper, etc. to mask the egg’s surface in a pattern, shape, or image of your choosing. If you use the negative space of a paper punch and the shape of adhesive doesn’t fit the contour of the egg, try cutting little slits on the outside edges to eliminate gaps.
  • 3
    Pour Mod Podge in a bowl and mix in your desired amount of glitter. Use more glitter for a solid sparkle, or less for a sheer wash of glitter. The Mod Podge will hold the glitter in place so it doesn't spread.
  • 4
    Apply the glitter mixture from step 3 by covering only half of the egg (it's best to start with the back where space is blank). Once it is dry, apply glitter to the other side where the adhesive from step 2 is. Peel off the adhesive while it is still wet. Use an X-ACTO craft knife to help lift the edge to peel.