4 Materials Needed:

Two Gildan White Cotton T-Shirts (Sized to Fit), Printworks White T-Shirt Transfer Papers, Assorted Sharpie Markers, Iron

About this Project

Who would you have come along on a movie night? Of course it would be the popcorn to your soda, your BFF! DIY matching attire to let the whole theater know that you and your bestie are a package deal!

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  • 1
    Download and print the project templates onto pieces of t-shirt transfer paper.
  • 2
    Follow the instructions on the package to iron the transfer paper on the shirt. Gently peel away the paper, using the iron again on patches that dont come up easily. Tip: Ask an adult for help if needed.
  • 3
    Mark the center front of the t-shirt and position the image on the transfer paper directly on top of your mark.
  • 4
    Color the icons in with the markers and let dry.