3 Materials Needed:

All Projects Require a Nicole Boutique Canvas Wristlet/Pouch, Then Depending on Which Pouch You Make You Will Need One or More of the Following Supplies:, Tulip Iron On Transfer Sheets in Gold 3" x 4" Piece of Cardboard Design Works Gold Craft Trim Nicole Crafts Tracing Paper 2" Letter Stickers as well as Gold & Crystal Seed Beads DMC Embroidery Floss in Gold Iron Clover Small Pom Pom Maker Sharpie Fine and Medium Point Markers in Gold Gold Headpin Cloth Horizon 1" Gold Glitter Iron On Letters Various Stitch Studio Yarns Scissors & Ruler

About this Project

All that glitters can be gold! Give your DIY style some shimmer and shine using these easy techniques to turn a canvas wristlet into an eye-catching accessory for you or your favorite fashionista!

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    •All three pouches use a 6-1/2" x 8" wristlet/pouch as a base.
    •Some of these wristlets/pouches have tassels -- if you'd like to see how one's made before starting, watch the video near the top of this page.
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    Gold Monogram Heart Pouch:
    Step A: Trace a heart shape onto the tracing paper. Turn over the tracing paper and re-trace the heart shape onto the Gold glitter transfer sheet.
    Step B: Cut out the glitter heart, trace a letter on the back of the heart, and carefully cut the letter out.
    Step C: Follow the directions on the package to iron on the glitter transfer sheet.
    Step D: Wrap the Gold glitter trim around the pom pom maker and follow the directions on the package for cutting and tying. Attach the pom pom to the wristlet's zipper.
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    Scatter Dot Monogram Pouch:
    Step A: Attach the 2” letter sticker to the front of the bag.
    Step B: Use markers to make dots of various sizes and colors. We used the smaller point marker for the dots close to the letter and larger size as it spread out on the wristlet/pouch. Allow to dry and remove sticker.
    Step C: Wrap the Gold DMC floss around the 4” cardboard until almost all is used except for 12”. Tie top of tassel with this 12” piece of floss. Carefully cut floss at bottom and slide off of cardboard. Keep tassel floss together. Use the 1 yard piece of floss to make a 1/4” wrap around tassel at top to secure.
    Step D: Slide assorted seed beads onto the Gold headpin and wire to the top of the tassel and then to the zipper pull on wristlet/pouch to connect tassel.
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    Gold Glitter HELLO Canvas Pouch:
    Step A: Choose Gold glitter letters of choice and iron onto canvas following the directions on package.
    Step B: Cut a 1-1/2” x 8-1/4” piece of the glitter transfer sheet. Apply this glitter strip to bottom front of canvas pouch following the directions on package.
    Step C: Wrap yarn for tassel around the 4” length of cardboard 25 times. Tie and 6” piece of yarn through the top of all cords, to secure. Carefully cut the bottom yarns to remove from cardboard. Lay tassel opened on the table. Wrap a complementary yarn color around middle section of tassel for 3”. Fold in half and tie a piece of yarn to secure under wrapped area. Attach tassel to zipper pull for decoration.