8 Materials Needed:

1 Toggle Clasp, 11 Jump Rings from Beadalon Findings Variety Pack, 8 Crimp Tubes from Beadalon Crimp Tubes Variety Pack, 8 Beadalon Crimp Covers, 8 Beadalon Wire Guardians, 3 Butterfly Charms, 3 Head Pins, 6 Multicolor Bead Strands

About this Project

We've got a need... a need for beads! Spread your wings of creativity with this beautiful butterfly charm bracelet.

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  • 1
    Cut the bead strands down so they are all 1” shorter than the desired length of your bracelet. You should have 4 mini bead strands and 2 stone strands.
  • 2
    Take one of the beaded strands and slide a crimp tube onto one end. TIP: Loosely tie the other end so the beads don’t fall off while you work. Thread the string through a wire guard, then back through your crimp tube and the 4 adjacent beads.
  • 3
    Pull gently so there isn’t a gap between the beads and crimp tube, then use the crimpers to close off the end. Take 1 crimp cover and place it over the crimp tube, pinching it gently with pliers to secure. Repeat this process for each end of the beaded strands.
  • 4
    Attach 1 jump ring to the male end of the toggle clasp. Attach a second jump ring to the first jump ring. Attach one end of each of your 6 total strands to the second jump ring. Attach 1 jump ring to the female end of the toggle clasp. Attach the other end of the 6 strands to the jump ring.
  • 5
    Take 1 head pin and 1 butterfly charm, threading the head pin through the bottom of the charm. Bend it 90 degrees at the top, trimming so there is 1 cm remainder. Use round pliers to bend the head pin into a loop, leaving a small opening. Place the charm on one of the beaded strands and close the loop. Repeat for the other two charms.